June 30, 2015


Church Membership

Church membership is a formal relationship between a local church and a Christian individual. This relationship is characterized by the church’s affirmation and oversight of a Christian’s discipleship and the Christian’s submission to living out his or her discipleship in the care of that church.

Covenant Membership

At Faith Community Church we practice covenant membership. A covenant is a formal agreement between two or more parties. In covenant membership, the church and the individual link arms, to live as light in the midst of a dark world. In this relationship, the church member is cared for, protected, and commissioned by the church. In turn, the church body is strengthened by its members who embrace and live out the mission of the church.

Church membership is a declaration to the world of what it looks like for individuals to live faithfully in the midst of a Gospel-centered community, and what it looks like for a Gospel-centered community to care faithfully for each individual.

Become a Member at Faith

Twice a year we offer a Membership Class where we unpack what it means to become a covenant member at Faith Community Church.  The class is led by our lead Pastor and meets for 4 weeks.  During this class you will learn what we believe; understand the Upward, Inward and Outward of Faith; share your own faith journey; discover your spiritual gifts if you don’t already know them; learn about our church’s organizational structure; and so much more.  Once you finish the class, then you can decide if you still want to become a member.

Requirements in a Nutshell

  • Confession of Faith in Jesus Christ and evidence of regeneration
  • Agree to enter into a covenant membership relationship
  • Agree with our statement of faith, our mission and our values
  • Be willing to be under the authority of the elders of Faith Community Church
  • Agree to attend faithfully, support fully, be engaged in discipling relationships, and use your gifts to serve the Body of Christ