June 30, 2015

Local Outreach

Faith Community Church is committed to showing Christ’s love in visible ways.

We regularly partner with community events in our great town of Garner.  Be it giving out free water bottles for the Independence Day celebrations, bubbles for the town Easter Egg Hunt, or candy for the Trick or Treat the Trails, we are committed to be out in our community.

Faith Community Church is also actively engaged in other ministries in our area which are making a difference in the lives of others.  Some of the ministries that we support and encourage our members to be involved with include With Love From Jesus and Cura Women’s Care Clinic.

Women's Care Clinic

Cura is committed to assisting women and couples choose life for their unborn child(ren).  We believe life is precious and the church should be actively engaged in supporting these families.  Our church participates in the annual fundraiser, providing baby showers for new moms, and doing everything we can to put our faith to action.


With Love From Jesus is committed to displaying Christ’s love while meeting practical needs.  Several days a week, members from our church are volunteering to serve food, preach the Word, and care for the physical needs of the needy right here in our community.  Get involved by donating food, clothes, and household items.  Better yet, volunteer to serve.

House of Hope is a Christian therapeutic school, home, and counseling center for hurting and troubled girls, ages 12-17 and their families. When there is a hurting teenage girl in a family, the entire family is affected and the entire family needs help. We use the term hurting and troubled because the girls at House of Hope may have been in trouble (with the law, their parents, or their peers) but their actions stem from a deeper hurt that has not healed. Faith Community Church partners with House of Hope through community awareness activities, providing meals, and general maintenance of their facility.