Today I read the book of Obadiah.  Don’t think too highly of it, as it’s only a 1 chapter book.  In Obadiah, God is clear to the decedents of Esau that though they are soaring high right now God will bring them down.  Obadiah is mostly a book of judgment against the Edomites for their sin.  But it ends with verses of promise to restore Judah.

Oftentimes when I look at the world I sense a great deal of injustice.  I get angry.  I want to join with Job to complain that God is not just after all or he doesn’t care.  In Obadiah’s prophecy from God, we are reminded that though evil seems to be triumphing now and though the righteous are not necessarily seeing their reward, God has not forgotten his promises.  He is still a God of justice and the day is indeed coming when on “Mt. Zion…Jacob shall posses their own possessions.”  God will make all things right!  For now, we are called to not lose heart but to trust in the Lord.  Remembering that the Lord is not slow in keeping his promises but is patient with us so that we will come to repentance.

If you are struggling because of the unfairness of life, if physical pain or personal hurts have you discouraged, put your hope in God. Know that the Lord is good and he will restore all things to their rightful place.  Do not be discouraged, trust in God, and keep a long-view as you eagerly wait for the return of Christ.